Waterproof bathroom TV with smart functions.

Ocea Pro Likes the Bathroom

Ocea Pro is water resistant and depending on the type of installation, Ocea Pro can reach a waterproof level of IPX7.

The TV housing is made of coated aluminum, that will never rust, and the bolts and nuts used are made of stainless steel, making Ocea Pro great additional for your bathroom you can enjoy for many years to come.

Ocea Pro Likes the Bathroom

Bathroom TV available for purchase in New York.

Ingenious Cooling System

High quality bathroom TV for your home.

Ingenious Cooling System

Ocea Pro comes with an ingenious — Patent Pending — cooling system that will significantly reduce the excess heat inside the closed, waterproof TV case. Every Ocea Pro is equipped with a heat sink on the back, that will effectively emit excess heat from inside the TV. In addition, the fan circulates air inside the TV unit so that heat from the electronic components and the LED panel does not affect the TV's performance.

Did you know that the temperatures inside a closed bathroom TV, without an active airflow cooling system, can go up to 195°F / 90°C? Sometimes this can even be higher, especially with smaller sizes up to 27″ because of the smaller surface area that the TV can emit heat. This is why regular TVs have ventilation openings in the TV. To keep the bathroom TV waterproof, the TV housing is completely closed. The Ocea Pro Air-Flow cooling system will the reduce the inside temperature to 135°F / 55°C. This will significantly improve the bathroom TV’s performance and extend the lifespan of the TV. We believe this is an essential feature in a bathroom TV.

More Audio Speaker Options

Ocea Pro offers several different audio speaker options to match your requirement and style and they all provide excellent audio in your bathroom.

Choose from the integrated aluminum sound bar, or external speakers (recommended for shower installations) or choose from Ocea‘s selection of several great recessed speakers to match your interior. The speakers connect directly to the TV without an additional amplifier.

Ocea Pro also comes with non-amplified audio output to connect to an external amplifier or sound system.

More Audio Speaker Options

Convenient Set Top Box Compartment

Smart TV with 4K Resolution.

Convenient Set Top Box Compartment

With its integrated compartment, you can easily install your favorite TV systems such as Android TV, Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV. And if you want to upgrade your Ocea Pro after a few years, simply exchange the TV box. Ocea Pro comes with 2 or 3 HDMI inputs with the convenient CEC function that automatically turns the TV on when you turn on the set top box (on 4K models only)

Ocea is Fog Free

Ocea Pro has a fog free design that gives a crisp clear view whenever the TV is turned on. The unique active airflow system inside the TV helps to circulate air, making the product fog free quickly and evenly.

Ocea is Fog Free

Enhanced Brightness

This bathroom TV has increased brightness 4K screen.

Enhanced Brightness

Because Ocea Pro has a mirror front, the TV is equipped with an enhanced brightness LED panel to ensure excellent bright picture quality. This is an essential feature for a bathroom TV to ensure a great viewing experience in the bathroom that is usually well lit.

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Ocea is Easy to Clean

This new bathroom TV will exceed all your expectations

Ocea Pro is Easy to Clean

Because Ocea Pro is constructed with high quality, and durable materials, you can clean the Ocea Pro bathroom TV with regular detergents without worries that the TV will scratch.

What’s in the Box?

What is in the box of this bathroom TV?

Compare Ocea

OCEA Pro Smart Touch Bathroom TV

Other Bathroom TV

Yes, water resistant. When Ocea is recessed mounted its waterproof level is IPX7. Water resistant bathroom TV. Ocea Pro Bathroom TV Water Resistant TV Screen Up-Close Image Sometimes water resistant, but with integrated speakers in the TV it is usually IPX5 or less.
Yes, strengthened mirror glass. Our glass is extremely strong, scratch-proof, and easy to clean. Extra strong scratchproof waterproof TV. Ocea Pro Bathroom TV Zoomed Mirror Glass Screen Often with acrylic or plastic front that scratches very easily.
Our patented magnet wall box system reduces the bezel, which makes the TV look much better. The best bathroom TV on the market in the UK. Ocea Bathroom TV Internal Fan for Air Circulation Large bezels to cover the wall box construction.
The patented heat sink subtracts the heat from the TV. This significantly reduces the temperature inside the TV and increases the lifetime of the TV. This bathroom TV will bring your favorite shows to the bathtub. This bathroom TV will bring your favorite shows to the bathtub. No.
Ocea Pro has a separate speaker housing, so that the electronic components are not exposed to audio vibrations. High quality speakers in the bahtroom. Ocea Pro Bathroom TV with Separate Speaker Housing Not separated, the speakers are integratedreces in the closed TV compartment which causes the electronic parts to be exposed to vibrations.
Ocea Pro has an internal fan that circulates the air inside, which results in a fast and even defogging. Quick and even defogging Ocea Pro Bathroom TV Internal Fan for Defogging No internal fan. Also no function to defog the screen.
Ocea pro is powered by safe 12 or 24 Volt. This makes it the only bathroom on the market that is safe to use in the bathroom. Where do I buy a bathroom TV in the United Kingdom. Ocea Pro Bathroom TV Powered by Safe 12 or 24 Volt Sometimes TV is powered by 110 or 220 volt, which can be dangerous in the bathroom.
Ocea Pro is available in both recessed and surface mount configuration. For sauna use, OCEA Pro MUST be recessed mounted. Buy Bathroom TV in England. Ocea Pro Bathroom TV Recessed and Surfaced Mount Configuration installed on a Wall No, often only recessed or only surface mount.
Yes, Ocea Pro comes standard with a full touchscreen. Control your TV up to 50 times faster. Touchscreen bathroom TV in UK. Ocea Pro Bathroom TV Smart Touch Screen Control No.
Yes, with Google Assistant installed, you can talk to Ocea Pro. Voice control bathroom TV in Australia. Ocea Pro Bathroom TV Google Assistant Feature No.
Yes, play your favorite music from your phone by connecting your phone to OCEA Pro with Bluetooth. Connect your phone to your bathroom TV. Ocea Pro Bathroom TV Bluetooth Connection No.
On the front, Ocea Pro has an easy accessible on/off and volume button. Easy to control bathroom TV. Ocea Pro Bathroom TV On, Off, and Volume Button No.
Ocea Pro is equipped with the latest Android. With the set top box compartment, you can easily upgrade after a few years. Waterproof Android TV. Ocea Pro Bathroom TV Latest Android System No, sometimes an HDMI dongle that does not support 4K. Integrated Smart TV cannot be upgraded.
Yes. Ocea Pro is installed in many hotels worldwide and has broad experience with Hotel IPTV Integration. Bathroom TV with IPTV for hotel. Ocea Pro Bathroom TV Installed in Hotels Worldwide Ask vendor.
Yes, excellent picture quality in 4K HD on models of Ocea Pro 280 and larger. Clearer pictures and more accurate colors. Ocea Pro Bathroom TV 4k Ultra HD Resolution Image No, and difficult to use the Smart TV applications.
Ocea Pro is available in sizes from 18" up to 75". Largest bathroom TV on the market. Ocea Pro Bathroom TV 720P of Full HD Resolution in Different Screen Options Usually only a few sizes up to 32”.
Choose from many mounting options. Drill Free, or Swivel brackets and Lift brackets. How do I mount my bathroom TV to the wall. Ocea Pro Bathroom TV Wide Variety of Mounting Options Very limited on mounting options.
Yes, optionally, Ocea Pro can be installed on an automated lift bracket. Bathroom TV with lift function. Ocea Pro Bathroom TV Automated Lift Bracket Mounting Option No.


Ocea Pro 180 Ocea Pro 220 Ocea Pro 280 Ocea Pro 320 Ocea Pro 400 Ocea Pro 500 Ocea Pro 600 Ocea Pro 750
Diagonal Screen Size 18" 22" 28" 32" 40" 50" 60" 75"
Screen resolution 1080P, Full HD 3840x2160. 4K Ultra HD(4 times the resolution of Full HD)
TV Panel Brightness 410nit 420nit 400nit 430nit 440nit 420nit 440nit 420nit
TV Dimensions Inches 18.3x16.0x2.4 22.7x17.4x2.4 27.6x20.7x2.4 32.5x22.6x3.0 39.6x28.6x3.0 46.5x31.6x3.0 55.4x38.3x3.0 72.0x47.8x3.0
TV Dimensions MM 466x406x60 576x381x60 700x527x60 825x573x75 1005x726x75 1181x802x75 1408x973x75 1830x1213x75
VESA 200x200 200x200 200x300 300x300 300x300 400x400 500x500 500x500
Panel Technology LED Backlit
View Angle 4 sides view angle panels. Horizontal 135 degrees, Vertical 120 degrees.
Audio Amplifier 2 x 7 Watt 2 x 7 Watt 2 x 15 Watt
Speakers 4 x 12 Watt.
The speaker bar and the external speakers have the same specifications. Duo speakers technology.
The speaker bar has 2 x 2 speakers (total 4) and each external speakers has 2 speakers.
Bluetooth Bluetooth 4.1.
Each Ocea Pro has direct Bluetooth 4.1 access.
TV Casing Aluminum, powder coated.
TV Front Scratch-proof, Heat strengthened, 5mm mirrored glass.
Speaker Front Brushed Aluminum
Power requirement. (World Universal power supply included) 12 Volt DC, 6 amp. 12 Volt DC, 6 amp. 24 Volt DC, 8 amp. 24 Volt DC, 8 amp. 24 Volt DC, 10 amp. 12 Volt DC, 12 amp. 12 Volt DC, 14 amp. 12 Volt DC, 16 amp.
Ventilation & Cooling Active Airflow and cooling system with heat sink on the back. Thermostat controlled.
Inputs 3 x HDMI, Power, IR, USB 3 x HDMI, Power, IR, USB 2 x HDMI (CEC, ARC and EDID), IR, Power, USB
Outputs Amplified Audio, non-amplified audio, (RS-232 is optional, not included)
Touch Control 10-points touchscreen control, separate On/Off, Volume +, Volume - touch buttons
TV Net Weight 12.7LBS/5.8KG 18.6LBS/8.5KG 30.4LBS/13.9KG 37.4LBS/17.1KG 48.4LBS/22.1KG 82.7LBS/37.8KG 108.8LBS/49.5KG 134.1LBS/61.2KG
Android (included) Android, latest version. Subject to updates. 4K Resolution.
Set Top Box Compartment 11.8"x5.8"x1/2" / 350x150x30mm (compatible with Apple TV, Fire TV, Android TV and many other set top boxes.)
Please check the sizes of your set top box first.
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