This is Ocea

TV installed under the shower.

This is Ocea

Ocea Style is a smart bathroom TV. It’s waterproof, Android Smart, easy to install, easy to use and easy to match with a wide choice of colors, designs and sizes.

When the Ocea Style is off, the TV vanishes completely and turns into a beautiful silver mirror.

Designed and manufactured by Evervue USA Inc., backed with almost 20 years experience in the bathroom TV industry.

Ocea Style is built to the highest waterproof standards (IPX6), and you can install Ocea everywhere you want, near the bathtub, or even under the shower.

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New 2020 bathroom smart TV.SHOWER
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Your Bathroom –
Your Ocea Style

Your Bathroom –
Your Ocea Style

With Ocea Style, you can match the color of the TV to fit in your bathroom.

Ocea Style comes in 5 different wood designs:

  • White Oak

    White Oak

  • American Walnut

    American Walnut

  • Cherry


  • Mahogany


  • Clear Pine

    Clear Pine

The frames are made of durable, water-resistant aluminum. Maintenance-free

TV frame installed on smart TV.

Contemporary Design for your Bathroom

Beautiful matte frame around smart TV.

Contemporary Design for your Bathroom

Ocea Style is also available in beautiful matte aluminum colors:

  • Citrine Bronze

    Citrine Bronze

  • Aurora Gold

    Aurora Gold

  • Snow Frost White

    Snow Frost White

  • Midnight Black

    Midnight Black

  • Amber Gold

    Amber Gold

  • Ash Grey

    Ash Gray

Ocea Style is Super Smart

Ocea Style is
Super Smart

Ocea Style is a fully equipped Smart TV. Simply connect to Wi-Fi, log in your account and enjoy the world wide web.

Watch Netflix, Youtube, the latest news, and of course live TV (download your provider's app), see your photo albums, connect with friends, and much, much more.

Almost everything you can do on your smart phone; you can do on the Ocea Style.

Android smart TV in bathroom.

You Can Do the Talking

Voice control smart TV with google assistant.

You Can Do the Talking

Ocea Style is compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa.

The Zepp Remote control comes with a microphone built-in, that is easy to use, but also easy to turn off if you don’t want to use it.

Worry-free Zepp

Worry-free Zepp

Ocea Style comes standard with the Worry-free Zepp.

Wirelessly control all the Smart TV functions. With the built-in keyboard it is easy to stay on top of your Facebook and Instagram, and with the Built in microphone, you can ask Alexa or Google Assistant to assist you.

The Zepp comes with a worry-free waterproof cover, and a convenient holder with suction cups, so you can put it anywhere you like.

Waterproof universal remote control.

Sleek Design

Beautifully designed bathroom TV.

Sleek Design

With a thickness of only 1.4” (35mm), Ocea Style will look great in every bathroom. The sides close almost gapless to the wall.

Beatiful smart TV in your bathroom.

12 Volts Safe, Waterproof

12 Volts Safe,

Ocea Style is powered safely with 12 volt, or 24 volt (for model 32” and larger) which gives you a piece of mind when using electrical devises in the bathroom.

Watch your favorite show in the bathroom with this smart TV.

Hear It to Believe It

Hear It to
Believe It

Ocea Style comes with great, high quality speakers integrated on the back of the TV. They provide a wonderful audio experience in your bathroom.

Bathroom TV for sale in USA.
Bathroom TV for sale in USA.

Mirror Feeds is a free smart application for your OCEA Style. Navigate your way into the business world, see what’s trending in the entertainment industry, be updated with the latest discoveries about health and science or see what’s latest in technology. You can also monitor stocks, currencies, check the weather in your current location or change the lay-out of your feeds.

Easy to Set Up

Purchase bathroom TV in Dubai.
New 2020 bathroom smart TV.

Your Ocea Style is now Ready!

Bathroom renovation musts.

Ocea Style in Any Size

What is the best bathroom television?

Ocea Style in
Any Size

Choose the size that’s right for you.

All sizes come with exactly the same functions. Ocea Style sizes of 28” and larger, come with 4K resolution picture quality.

Ocea Style Explained

What’s in the Box?

TV installed under the shower.

Ocea Style Specifications

Ocea Style 156 Ocea Style 220 Ocea Style 280 Ocea Style 320 Ocea Style 430 Ocea Style 550
Diagonal Screen Size 15.6" 22" 28" 32" 43" 55"
Screen resolution 720p 1080P, Full HD 4K Ultra HD
TV Dimensions Inches 14.9"x9.1"x1.3" 20"x12"x1.3" 26.1"x15"x1.3" 28.7"x16.8"x1.3" 38.5"x22.5"x1.5" 49.2"x28.5"x1.5"
TV Dimensions MM 380x232x35mm 509x305x35mm 663x383x35mm 731x428x35mm 978x573x40mm 1250x724x40mm
Inputs Power,USB
Outputs None
Weight 5.9LBS / 2.7KG 9.9LBS/ 4.5KG 17.4LBS/ 7.9KG 20.9LBS/ 9.5KG 36.8LBS/ 16.7KG 43.6LBS/ 19.8KG
Power Requirement 12 Volt DC, 4 amp. 12 Volt DC, 4 amp. 12 Volt DC, 8 amp. 24 Volt DC, 8.5 amp. 24 Volt DC, 8.5 amp. 24 Volt DC, 8.5 amp.
Built-in Speakers 2x10Watt
Operating System Android latest version
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